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Pretty good

Pretty simple but with a nice message. I enjoyed the overall aspects of this submission and it's fairly delightful. I think the two characters could use a little more detail if you are going to make the backgrounds simple; you know a little more shading although you can leave their legs arms simple if you wish. It seems some of the characters' faces near their mouths aren't filled in the last scene but that's minor. I think if you are going to do a flash as sweet as this, it would be best if you use fonts that are less blocky than the one you used; something more curved or make each letter custom. I really liked the choice of music; it was simple and lovely. Overall it was pretty good. Nice work!

Nice work

I really like the whole art design of this submission. Every thing was pretty cute from the background to the seal. I also like the whole plot of this movie and the fact that you didn't go something gimmicky and let the seal get away. I was waiting for that to happen, but loved it when the octopus retrieved his rubber ducky to show that it would not be the case. The music and sounds were used wonderfully. Overall it's a pretty good and well made submission. Keep up the good work!

Pretty good!

I really like this movie especially the old timey spaghetti western feel. This movie was pretty imaginative in using a snail and slugs in a western genre. The music was perfect and whole silent movie feel was well crafted. The whole plot of him dueling for just some lice killer seems a little lacking, but overall it works in the overall story. A little more detail in the background when they are dueling could have improved that scene but every other scene was fine. Overall it's a pretty imaginative movie and hope that you will continue animating in the future.


A nice little animation overall. I particularly don't care for the use of memes to drive your story and if you do use them, use them sparingly. The whole story seemed to drag along but it did have a nice surprising ending. Nice use of sounds; I find that typically is a sticking point for new users to flash. I think it could use a little more detail and better physics when ever he is throwing something; seems a little slow. Overall for your first project it's pretty good.


It's been a while since I've seen a Kol-Belov flash on NG and I was pleasantly surprised when this was submitted. As usual it's full of symbology and this time around it's more fast paced that most of your other works. I really love how the music works with this animation and how everything flows from one scene to another seamlessly. I'm not sure of the ending and it's going to take some more viewings for me to guess on how Tetris all relates to it, but nevertheless it's a very unique ending.

Overall, I love this work and I'm glad that you are still submitting to Newgrounds once again. Keep up the good work!

Well done

I really found this pretty interesting and funny. It really is a wonder the things the NG reviewers write in their reviews and this one really stands out. It was almost as bad as the "Fix yout flash. Need do fix your portal" review of 2005. Having played Super PSTW Action RPG, it's really kind of sad the reviewer really didn't get the humor behind it and felt the need to bastardize the English language.

As for this flash, the voice acting really sells this movie. There is so much anger and energy that it really breaths life into an otherwise garbage review. The typography was well paced and really holds your attention. Also, having "O Fortuna" playing in the background was nice touch. Overall, is it's a humorous take on something the NG authors know all too well, idiotic reviews. Hopefully after viewing this, people will at least try and write something useful for a change. Keep up the good work!

Pretty good

Heh, a pretty nice little animation. It was nice how you started in the past and then flash forward to the future and managed to tie them together in order to give a nice little joke. The animation was pretty good, nothing to spectacular. If you aren't going to do a lot of movement in your scenes, then it would be best if you make your backgrounds detailed and add some shading to add depth to it. The music is simple and okay and the plot was straight to the point in following the joke. All in all, a nice little animation. Nice work!

KleinM responds:

Cool, thanks for the advice. I'll work on shading and making backgrounds more detailed

Pretty good

So I guess this is what you might get when you cross Forrest Gump with snails, heh. It's a pretty original idea parodying Gump. The voice acting was pretty good. I think if you had more time you should always seek a female voice for female roles and really try to sound how Tom Hanks did with his inflections with words.

The animation was fine. I think you need to add some more detail to the backgrounds especially when he does his world tour. It really took away from the movie. The overall story was pretty humorous and the end was pretty fitting. All in all, pretty good.

hankypoo responds:

Hehe indeed! Thanks man! yeah i agree with ya! i was running low on time so the backgrounds were quite simplistic. but i sure will improve on that. thanks alot :)

Nice work!

The animation was pretty good. The story was very interesting and creative to say the least. The voice action was pretty good. I really think scene one could use some music, but elsewhere it's fine. The plot could use some work and it's create that it tells the origin of Solid Plasma Man, but what can he do? I think at least that should be answered along with telling who this BRA character is and maybe a look into who his archenemy is. Other than that, it's a pretty good animation. Nice work.

Good work!

I really enjoyed this movie. A good western tale is always good in my book and this flash stayed true to most western themes. The animation was good though some work with the mouths and lip-syncing it would go along way. The voice acting was great and well dramatized and the music was fitting for each scene as well. The story seemed good but the ending needs work. The shootout is to be expected but it needs more; the guy gets shot and then what . . . continue the story from there till you have a definite conclusion.

Overall, it's a well animated piece and I enjoyed it, but it just needs a little more to be great. Keep up the good work!

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