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Pretty good

Pretty simple but with a nice message. I enjoyed the overall aspects of this submission and it's fairly delightful. I think the two characters could use a little more detail if you are going to make the backgrounds simple; you know a little more shading although you can leave their legs arms simple if you wish. It seems some of the characters' faces near their mouths aren't filled in the last scene but that's minor. I think if you are going to do a flash as sweet as this, it would be best if you use fonts that are less blocky than the one you used; something more curved or make each letter custom. I really liked the choice of music; it was simple and lovely. Overall it was pretty good. Nice work!

Nice work

I really like the whole art design of this submission. Every thing was pretty cute from the background to the seal. I also like the whole plot of this movie and the fact that you didn't go something gimmicky and let the seal get away. I was waiting for that to happen, but loved it when the octopus retrieved his rubber ducky to show that it would not be the case. The music and sounds were used wonderfully. Overall it's a pretty good and well made submission. Keep up the good work!

Pretty good!

I really like this movie especially the old timey spaghetti western feel. This movie was pretty imaginative in using a snail and slugs in a western genre. The music was perfect and whole silent movie feel was well crafted. The whole plot of him dueling for just some lice killer seems a little lacking, but overall it works in the overall story. A little more detail in the background when they are dueling could have improved that scene but every other scene was fine. Overall it's a pretty imaginative movie and hope that you will continue animating in the future.

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For such a simple concept it's pretty fun. It seems easy enough, punch docs, get drugs, but I love the challenge when you take a hit and you don't know what to expect with the game-play. I think you could make the doctors easier to start off with and then get progressively more challenging so you don't have to restart so often. The music is great and does go with the psychedelic feel, but does get old after awhile; maybe change it after several rounds. All in all, for such a straightforward game, it's very entertaining. Nice work!

Oh Hai Tom...

Jeff, and Chris. Excellent work you guys have created in this fabulous adaptation of The Room. I really loved how it stayed fairly close to the movie with the long unexciting dialog and character development. The artwork was great, the music gives it a nice game feel, and the controls were perfect. The medals offer a nice touch gives completeness game. I really enjoyed the ending and it really helps close a major plot hole in the movie and gives it some clarity. *Ha ha ha*

Awesome job in dreaming up this game and making it all work!

Pretty good!

For a dress up type game this is pretty good and creative. The option were pretty varied and the color options were all good. I think it would be nice to be able to have parts to make notable robots, like Lord Canti from FLCL or 3CPO from Star Wars, etc., etc. I especially love the ability to make your creation dance and to save it as a pic; that is a very nice touch. All in all pretty, creative and well done gadget.

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Ah yes Nietzsche, "Without music, life would be a mistake." :) Speaking of, I really liked this piece. I really enjoyed how you worked his famous parable into the music. If that's your oration then you did a great job or if its someone else, good job finding this sample. For the song itself, its pretty good. Starting off relaxing and then becoming impassioned just enough. I think it gets a little noisy in a few parts of the second half of the song, but it's alright. Overall, I really enjoy this song. Keep up the good work!

KillTheTrucker responds:

Thanks, I must say this is not me speaking. I was planning to do so, but figured there could be something better, with more power and better 'foreign English', because I'm not the best voice actor or reader. I'm glad you enjoyed it, I enjoyed composing it too.

Thank you very much for your review :)


I really love this song and it is amazingly done. The rhymes were very imaginative, creative and crude; everything I expect from Sick Animations. The music itself is very catchy and fits nicely with the song. Overall, it's a great song to listen and I really enjoyed it. Keep up the amazing work!


I really love this piece and it is really amazingly done. It really fits the title in being space like and outer worldly. The intro gives a lonely feel and the haunting beat gives out of this world contact sound. Through out the song the melody is simple, but is very catchy and the underlying piano tones were a great mix. It really gives more of an adventure in space among the stars feel rather than a cold and loneliness ambient feel as the intro might suggest.

Overall a great piece that I have listen to for hours on end and I'm sure that it fits well in FBF III. Great work!

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I love the attention to detail in this piece. The colors of his fur, the curve of his wrinkles, and even the tired look in eyes were spot on. I didn't feel the message on the sign was too humorous, but it was unexpected to see nonetheless. However, I'm sure that Tex Avery would have approved.

It's a really unique and detailed look into an iconic cartoon character and overall it's a pretty good piece. Keep up the good work!


I really love your idea of having a piece that actually has form and function. The turtle is great looking, but doesn't seem all that big. Regardless it's a great idea and with some card stock and a slot on the top of the shell, it'll make a great turtle bank. This was a very original and wonderful idea turtleco! Kudos!

turtleco responds:

well I can't quite think that its original considering renaenae had a cutout contest some time ago, but I'm glad I made this cutout all the same.


I really love this piece and it's a nice take on Vinci's Last Supper. I love the fact that it had most of the Madness characters there without underling the main focus of Jesus. I haven't compared but it seems that you have most of the characters doing the same actions as the real version especially the clown with his pointing, the gestures of the guys on the right, and most importantly of Jesus.

Very clever and overall a great piece. Keep up the good work!

Izzy-A responds:

glad you noticed the details. I tried my best to incorporate similar gestures as the painting, but I didn't want to just copy them directly.

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