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Pretty good

Heh, a pretty nice little animation. It was nice how you started in the past and then flash forward to the future and managed to tie them together in order to give a nice little joke. The animation was pretty good, nothing to spectacular. If you aren't going to do a lot of movement in your scenes, then it would be best if you make your backgrounds detailed and add some shading to add depth to it. The music is simple and okay and the plot was straight to the point in following the joke. All in all, a nice little animation. Nice work!

KleinM responds:

Cool, thanks for the advice. I'll work on shading and making backgrounds more detailed

Pretty good

So I guess this is what you might get when you cross Forrest Gump with snails, heh. It's a pretty original idea parodying Gump. The voice acting was pretty good. I think if you had more time you should always seek a female voice for female roles and really try to sound how Tom Hanks did with his inflections with words.

The animation was fine. I think you need to add some more detail to the backgrounds especially when he does his world tour. It really took away from the movie. The overall story was pretty humorous and the end was pretty fitting. All in all, pretty good.

hankypoo responds:

Hehe indeed! Thanks man! yeah i agree with ya! i was running low on time so the backgrounds were quite simplistic. but i sure will improve on that. thanks alot :)

Yeah that's right

I really enjoyed this movie. It was certainly surrealistic, which I really enjoyed. Being a huge Star Trek fan I was amused by the Patrick Stewart's cameo and his dialog between him and Pineapple Clock. The beat in this flash was very fitting and really holds the movie together through out the randomness. All in all, a wonderful and bizarre Clock Day movie. Great work!

biblo responds:

Well thanks


I love this epic Clock Day submission. You are a very talented voice actor and have a very deep manly voice, which really sells the movie.

I love the fast pace camera angles, which must have took days to code. More importantly I love the plot of this move. A smurf movie along would be bland and boring, but with the almighty B it really give substance and drama that all movies should have.

Nice work and Strawberry Clock is the King of the Portal! :)

Auz responds:

Lol, yeah I got a great voice and all, but for this flash I just thought I'd rip the sound from the official Smurfs movie trailer XD

And no, the camera did not took 'days to code'. It's actually just a silly motion tween with the B and not the camera who's moving. Haggard thought it was the camera as well, so heh, I guess that worked out well.

I might do something with this "next summer". Thanks for the review!


This is definitely has all the hallmarks of a of a great Clock Day submission: great story, plot turns, actions scenes, and a well thought out conclusion that leaves the audiences wanting for more. The story is a little short, but I loved the Billy and Mandy theme, as I use to watch it all the time. The music with YMCA is always fitting no matter what flash it is. And yeah. . .

Nice work TPM and Strawberry Clock is the King of the Portal!

ThePigeonMaster responds:

Indeed he is the king, man!

Thanks for the review and the high score :)

Happy B-day Bahamut!

Awesome card, TPM. I loved the dance number and if I had known that you were going to put "From:" at the top I wouldn't have signed at the bottom; ah well, details. :) I'm loving the musical choice; very up beat and I could probably listen to it for hours. I'm sure our blue dragon friend loved it and thanks for being kind and doing this for him and behalf of all of us Wi/Hters. :)

ThePigeonMaster responds:

; ) .

Nice work!

I really found this flash pretty intriguing . It does seem rushed and isn't the most fantastily colored or animated, but does hit a point. The haunting ambient music was well chosen and fits the overall theme of the movie well. Sure it wasn't the most detailed in artistry, but in a way the simplicity works to get the point across. The words 'What makes you an exception?' really hits a point for the message of this flash, as it seems that these little robots all fall in the same terrible and tragic cycle.

All in all, I really enjoyed this movie and hopefully you can touch it up and finalize it for everyone to enjoy. Good work!

RionHunter responds:

I was originally going to make this one of those endless looping animations, but when I found that song that used those words, it just had that sense of finality to it, and it went soooo well with the theme of the animation that I couldn't NOT use it.

I probably will touch it up here and there. The reason it isn't fantastically coloured was because I was originally trying to make it more noir, but that fell through in my haste.

Pretty good...

I really enjoyed this movie and it does make a pretty humorous and valid point about how one little ship can take on a massive ship that seems implausible to defeat. The animation is pretty good could use some shading and even more detail, but overall it was fine. The voices was well crafted and thier dialog was well thought out, though some more inflection in the tone of thier voices couldn't hurt.

All in all a pretty entertaining take on what seems to be common among shoot'em ups. Keep up the good work!

Masterwabbit responds:

Yeah, I need to work on getting my voice to leave it's comfy bass range and lack of variability. Hopefully it something I get better at with practice rather than, say, comically getting smacked by a football in the crown jewels for higher ranges.

Well Done

I really love how you put this together to try and show the best of the underrated works on NG and who better to do that than the RRC. Some of the bits were pretty funny while others were ...well yeah. Also, I can say that the music gets pretty old fast so maybe mix it up or have one that is more ambient. All in all, well done and congrats to the winners. You should use your front-page posting abilities to PR this movie a little bit.

I hope the winners enjoy their hundred dollar bronze trophies that I know you got them. :)

Fro responds:

I have to wait a couple more days before I can make another front page post. :P


I really enjoyed this animation. It's very unique in style in the way you animated it and I know it must have been pretty tedious to animate this way. The plot is simple and yet enjoyable and the music was very relaxing and pleasant. I think it would help just a smidge to make some of the lines a little darker, but otherwise it's perfect.

I would love to see a sequel in this fashion. Maybe jumping velociraptors, perhaps? :)

turtleco responds:

yeah, I'll get special dark pencils next time. As far as jumping velociraptors, no no jumping velociraptors, maybe a cameo appearance by sevenseize though...

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