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I really love your take on a Newgrounds Christmas party. The animation was superb and was very well put together. It's amazing that you were able to compile not only some great characters, but also their voices too. There wasn't much of a story but rather just a showcase for a bunch of NG characters; which isn't bad but it could use some direction to go in. Overall it is a nice little fun tribute and I enjoyed it very much. Keep up the great work!

Jazza responds:

thanks man! and dont worry, i know it wasnt going anywhere. i guess thats the point :P

Pretty Good

I really enjoyed this move being an Earthbound fan also. The animation is well done and very vivid not to mention the voice acting was suburb. The story is short, perhaps too brief, but it really shows some of the 'uniqueness' of the The Mad Duck, which can be said for most of the enemies of Earthbound. Overall a nice a little movie.

I hope to see some more good work, hopefully more Earthbound/Mother movies, from you in the future.


A very funny movie in a uncanny way. The animation is well animated and the voice acting is outstanding. But what I really love is how you turned a Christmasy picturesque scene to one of utter horror and terror; that was absolutely amusing. Overall a really nice heart-warming Christmas movie; per se. Ha! Keep up the great work!


I really enjoyed this animation and it is really a nice spin on the madness series. The animation, even though as you mentioned looked a little rough, it's still very good. The song fits well and does add to the imagery of the overall movie. Overall the story is very novel and the battle scene is very entertaining; I really enjoyed watching it.


A very odd and trippy adventure that Zorse went on. The movie was short but interesting and very humorous. I love the narration, it really helped to try and keep everything tied together. The best part of this movie is definitely the music; a very nice pick. I enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work.

turtleco responds:

I had about 4 choices for songs, then I searched 8-bit and upbeat and it was the only one that came up. I instantly chose that to be the song.

your review was interesting....ly awesome... :DDDDDDd


I'm amazed by your work but this is an outstanding take on the series. I really love the fact that you are actually trying to incorporate some overall plot to the stories to make it more than just a few random shorts of Bitey.

The animation is always astonishing with each detail skillfully laid out and the music is always impressive and very fitting. The narration is fine and if you keep it short and to the point for the next one, it will be just right. Overall amazingly done and keep up the great work!

Very Clever

I really enjoyed this movie and it has a nice twist that makes it sad but very real. The music was great, the sprites were fine, but it's the message is what really hits home. I really love the fact that you took a game concept of finding a princess and making a connection in what actually happens in reality; not everyone will find a princess. It's a very poignant and harsh reality and yet you managed to show it well in this movie. Kuddos to you and keep up the good work!

Emptygoddess responds:

I will hoard your kuddos like cookies.

Pretty good

As far as Madness goes this is a pretty good movie and it a great addition to the series. The animation and action were all great and the music is awesome but the story seems to be lacking. I know it must be difficult to make sure there is some continuity when you made this movie, but it felt that it didn't really show anything new between Sanford and Demios; their motivation for one. In addition, it was kind of disappointing to be left on another cliffhanger.

Overall, it's a great movie and I did enjoyed it, but there is so much left to desired. Keep up the good work!

Well done!

I really enjoy this movie and it is a nice take on said rumor. I really enjoyed the symbolism that you that you displayed in this movie and it really is a unique take on Mario. The music has a nice feel and the sounds were okay but need to be normalized even more. The story was simple but effective in setting the communist overtones. Overall, I really enjoyed it and hope to see more good work from you in the future.


Self-destructing organism is a very appropriate title for this movie. You can see the waste that is caused by war in the movie. I love the animation and it's the subtle imagery and allusion to it's deeper meaning of how wasteful organism we are. I love how haunting the music was and it fits very nice with the whole mood of the story. Overall another great movie from you. :)

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