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Pretty good...

I really enjoyed this movie and it does make a pretty humorous and valid point about how one little ship can take on a massive ship that seems implausible to defeat. The animation is pretty good could use some shading and even more detail, but overall it was fine. The voices was well crafted and thier dialog was well thought out, though some more inflection in the tone of thier voices couldn't hurt.

All in all a pretty entertaining take on what seems to be common among shoot'em ups. Keep up the good work!

Masterwabbit responds:

Yeah, I need to work on getting my voice to leave it's comfy bass range and lack of variability. Hopefully it something I get better at with practice rather than, say, comically getting smacked by a football in the crown jewels for higher ranges.


There isn't much to say about this movie other than it was pretty catchy. To take a random couple of lines from an obscure (for him) Nicolas Cage movie and make a memorable tune, sync and animate it, is pretty amazing. Overall it's randomness at its finest. Good work!

Well Done

I really love how you put this together to try and show the best of the underrated works on NG and who better to do that than the RRC. Some of the bits were pretty funny while others were ...well yeah. Also, I can say that the music gets pretty old fast so maybe mix it up or have one that is more ambient. All in all, well done and congrats to the winners. You should use your front-page posting abilities to PR this movie a little bit.

I hope the winners enjoy their hundred dollar bronze trophies that I know you got them. :)

Fro responds:

I have to wait a couple more days before I can make another front page post. :P


I really enjoyed this animation. It's very unique in style in the way you animated it and I know it must have been pretty tedious to animate this way. The plot is simple and yet enjoyable and the music was very relaxing and pleasant. I think it would help just a smidge to make some of the lines a little darker, but otherwise it's perfect.

I would love to see a sequel in this fashion. Maybe jumping velociraptors, perhaps? :)

turtleco responds:

yeah, I'll get special dark pencils next time. As far as jumping velociraptors, no no jumping velociraptors, maybe a cameo appearance by sevenseize though...


Very funny and enjoyable overall. To say this is an Oscar masterpiece would be a tall order, but it's still a well put and edited movie for everyone to enjoy. The plot is a simple and straightforward, the score was excellent, and the editing was well done. The post-production was very creative for the small budget you must have had.

Again with with my review of the teaser/trailer my concerns about the snow whiting out several scenes were pretty true; if it hadn't been for the subtitles I wouldn't have know who was talking to who. In addition, I found the opening credits to be more annoying than anything. All things considered this is a pretty entertaining piece you have created, and all of you should be proud.

Fro responds:

Thanks, I'll take in the considerations about the opening credits. Perhaps a skip feature next time?

Very helpful thanks.


This is just an amazing piece of work you've created. From start to finish this movie is humorous and witty. I really enjoyed how you use outright and subtle humor in this work and it really makes the overall movie pretty amazingly funny. I really love your style of animation and I'm glad you used it in this animation to bring the TF2 characters to life.

Overall, it's an excellent piece of work and I enjoyed it very much. Keep up the great work!


I really love it and it is a very amazing work. The animation is impressive and fascinating. The abstractness of the movie at times really makes it compelling; not to mention that the music and sounds were all very fitting. By far the best part of the movie is the story. The whole concept of these 'animals' performing some insidious acts like murder in the first case, or the mother sacrificing her child, to meet their 'need' and once they get it they become dependent on it, is pretty striking. I'm not quite sure yet what to make of the man who consumes the pigs but I'm sure there is a motive behind him, perhaps one of consumption, greed.

Overall a pretty amazing movie you've created. Keep up the good work!


I really enjoyed this movie especially its simplicity. It's really an imaginative and creative piece that was very pretty interesting to watch. I really love the use of sounds in lue of speech to carry the story. I thought that was a very nice take. Some of the images were a little to simplistic at times, but that didn't really take away from the overall story. As for the story itself it was very creative and imaginative.

All in all a good movie. Keep up the good work!

Pretty good!

A very interesting Earthbound movie if I must say. As a huge fan of Earthbound I was really intrigued by this move. The animation is pretty good and you had some nice creativity with the lip-syncing. The whole plot was simple and random, but was okay. It might have been more true to form if you had the Runaway Five included in some way, but alas. As for the music, it was an interesting pick but I guess that goes with the whole randomness of the movie. Also, I agree that the Theed Zombie music should have been used instead of Mr. Saturn's Hi Hi Hi song; to make it more ominous sounding.

Overall, it's a pretty entertaining movie and I enjoyed it. Nice job!

MasaAndMune responds:

Thank you very much for the review.

Originally I did use the Threed music, but after watching it a few times, it didn't really give me what I wanted for the scene. I really wanted to give the feeling of goofyness and confusion for the scene, so I thought Mr.Saturn would have fit well.

I thought about putting in the Runaway Five, but I had so many sprites in the end, I had to pick and choose which ones to use while I made it. Although this was my first EB project, so doesn't mean the Runaway Five won't show up in the future ones.

Thanks again for the review, take care.


This movie has always been a personal favorite for me for the longest time. It's really difficult to say how really amazing this movie is and how complex it really makes a person feel when they watch it. Between the song Sleep by The Dandy Warhols and the imagery that you show it really produces a mix array of images like a dream. From start to end you always are intrigued by the adventure the protagonist until you see how he meets his real end.

It's still one of the most amazing movie I've seen on this site and this is one of my personal favorites. Thank you for making it and sharing it.

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