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I've really enjoyed this movie over the years and it's still a favorite. The animation is simple but the imagery and symbolism are outstanding. The music was a wonderful choice and added to the mood. The story is a simple one but there is a lot of meaning behind it and when people watch this movie, they shouldn't take it at face value but look to the deeper meanings.

Outstanding work as always. :)

Very good!

A well done movie. I love how you were able to create the atmosphere of a dystopia and intolerance by using the one emotion that is normally used to symbolized by good; smiling. The ending was awkward and doesn't seem to fit but overall it was good.

Keep up the good work.

Pretty good

I have to admit I'm pretty apprehensive whenever I see movies involving Natives as far as what kind of generic stereotypes are going to be said; however, this movie was pretty good and well done. You have some funny bits, the voice acting was well done, and the animation was good. Good job.

BillyNapalm responds:

I'm really apprehensive with movies involving Natives as well - I didn't see Last of the Mohicans until just last year.


I love this flash! It was very funny and well animated. This quality of work Clock Day should be about. Keep up the good work! :)


I really love this movie.

The animation was eye catching and the action was remarkable. The way you moved from one scene to another and didn't drop any moment of action was outstanding. Kudos!

The music is what really made this movie. It really fits with the whole mood and theme of the movie and it fits very well.

Again, I really love this flash and I hope to see more good work from you!


This is still one of my personal favorite movie on NG.

The music behind the movie was a nice pick and works well with the story. The artwork and story is simple but is very enjoyable and sweet.

Keep up the good work! :)


Another outstanding work with the endless action and suspense. The fighting was smooth and riveting and kept me glued. There never seemed to be a dull moment through out.

The music and sound effects are always outstanding in your movies and it's no different here.

My only compliant was the cliff hanger and how short it was but that's all minor. I still enjoyed this movie as I do with all of your work. It adds a nice touch to the Madness saga. Outstanding work as always.


Having read Dante's Inferno I really enjoyed this take on the tale. Of course it wasn't meant to be verbatim from the book but it shows the jest of it fairly well.

The animation is good and the voice acting it decent but the story is very humorous and enjoyable. Keep up the good work!! :)

You should finish this!

I love Earthbound and this movie shows much promise and potential. You should really consider finishing it.

At least, add Poo walking with the group and maybe all of them in front of a boss to end it.

Loved the eight melodies song and the Mother 3 song I can't think of.

NessSuccess responds:

Lol I had just started Poo before I stopped working on it.


This movie is very beautiful and touching. The story and how you express it is simply stunning. Also, I loved the music and how it adds to the mood of the story. It's very fitting.

Keep up the good work!

FoXcatO responds:

Thanks a bunch.
I'll be sure to do so.

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