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A pretty fun and interesting game but is missing something. The design is great and the controls were awkward but fine. However the whole game needs some direction. After a few minutes it tend to get repetitive and tiring. It's very hard to tell when a level is over or how far you have yet to go. Overall the graphics were great as always but it could use some plot and overall goal.


This is a very fun game to play and I must say that I really enjoyed it. The whole concept is fairly easily to play and each wave and new ships presents interesting challenges which make it entertaining though it does get a little repetitive as you advance. I really love the graphics, they were simple and effective. Also, the music was pretty good, though the song does get annoying towards the end. Perhaps it might be better if you added a boss specific music to mix it up a little bit.

Overall this game is pretty fun to play and and I really loved it. Keep up the good work!

Pretty Good

A very unique platformer game that was pretty interesting to say the least. The artwork were pretty good, the music was enjoyable and the medals are a plus. The controls were fine but the only gripe I have is that sometimes the hit detection was a little off and the jumps were a little unrealistic but overall the game play is pretty good. The story was simple but still enjoyable. Overall this game is pretty fun, could use some polishing, but still fun. Keep up the good work.


I really enjoyed this game. The art was simple yet effective, the music was excellent and very fitting, and the controls were easy to manage. Some problems I did have was some times I would dash when I didn't mean to dash but that was a fairly occasional occurrence. Oh yeah, the medals are also a nice touch.

The overall best part of this game was the gameplay. I really loved the story and it was very enjoyable to play. It wasn't over the top difficult but it wasn't too simple either. The nightmare battle was just right in difficulty and it becomes easier once you learn the pattern of attack. I really didn't care too much for the ending; having the protagonist becoming the antagonist might make it challenging for people to connect with the character in the sequel. But overall it's still a great game to play and I really did enjoy it. Keep up the good work!


This is a fairly enjoyable game to play. The game itself is very easy to play but seemed too short; perhaps a third scene would increased the difficulty and made it more replayable. The graphics were well done and the references were pretty clever. The music is very entertaining to listen to and has a nice feel to it. Overall, a pretty fun game. Keep up the good work!

Great game

Overall a well done game. I really enjoyed this game and it is lots of fun to play over and over. The graphics and animation are very well done and a nice homage to CC. The music was great and the medals are a plus. Even though it's doubtful, I would love to see a squeal or a remake with an extended storyline to this game. Overall, an excellent game. Keep up the good work!


Overall a pretty good low res game and very enjoyable just like the first one. The music is very catchy and addicting to listen to. The gameplay is way to simple, but hey, what do you expect and the medals are a nice touch. I really enjoyed the Plant Love movie; it was interesting and touching.

Overall, pretty fun game and I would love to see another made. :)

Magical-Zorse responds:

I kinda liked it too


This was a very fun game to play if I must say. The graphic and animation were very interesting and I never seen a game that was nearly constructed the way this was. Making the game seemed like it only on a few set of squares and changing the scenery as you did was a nice touch. The music you put together was very well done and catchy. In addition, the dialog of Cuboy was witty and I enjoy it much. The gameplay was pretty good and had some challenge to it though it seemed too short for some reason.

Overall, this is a really fun game to play and I really hope to see a squeal some time soon. :)

EdibleCastle responds:

SQUUUEEEEEEAAALLL!! (how was that?)

thanks for the review!

Fun but some concerns

A fairly fun game and I must admit that I do really enjoy games like these; where you build up your civilization and defend or attack others, however I'm a little concerned with this game as with any games or movies that depict my culture.

The gameplay is fun and entertaining and the artwork is amazing and overall it's pretty fun and challenging to play, but there are something that are a disturbing. Most of the generic stereotypes I can tolerate (noble savage out to save his lands, etc.), but one of the most disturbing things that I saw was how you depicting a medicine man as some supernatural 'wizard' using his powers to attack the enemy. I can't even begin to describe how wrong and insulting that imagery is.

What I'm trying to say is that next time try and be a little more considerate if you are going to depict someone else's race. Overall the game is well done, enjoyable, and fairly challenging all things considered. :P


This is an outstanding game and a nice touch of a classic. The graphics are outstanding and detail can been seen. The controls are fine but are a little difficult during the final scene; overall no problem. The who gameplay was great and in some areas it left me with my head scratching of what to do next; always a plus. In addition, the medals are always a nice touch.

Overall, it's fun to play, though it seems kind of short. I'm looking forward to seeing part two being just as amazing as the first. keep up the good work!

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