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For such a simple concept it's pretty fun. It seems easy enough, punch docs, get drugs, but I love the challenge when you take a hit and you don't know what to expect with the game-play. I think you could make the doctors easier to start off with and then get progressively more challenging so you don't have to restart so often. The music is great and does go with the psychedelic feel, but does get old after awhile; maybe change it after several rounds. All in all, for such a straightforward game, it's very entertaining. Nice work!

Oh Hai Tom...

Jeff, and Chris. Excellent work you guys have created in this fabulous adaptation of The Room. I really loved how it stayed fairly close to the movie with the long unexciting dialog and character development. The artwork was great, the music gives it a nice game feel, and the controls were perfect. The medals offer a nice touch gives completeness game. I really enjoyed the ending and it really helps close a major plot hole in the movie and gives it some clarity. *Ha ha ha*

Awesome job in dreaming up this game and making it all work!

Pretty good!

For a dress up type game this is pretty good and creative. The option were pretty varied and the color options were all good. I think it would be nice to be able to have parts to make notable robots, like Lord Canti from FLCL or 3CPO from Star Wars, etc., etc. I especially love the ability to make your creation dance and to save it as a pic; that is a very nice touch. All in all pretty, creative and well done gadget.

Very Good!

A very wonderful and mysterious game you have created. I really love these types of games where you have to trek through and put together mysteries. Even before I read you notes about this game, it really did reminded me of Myst which was more or less the same premise of searching for clues to the past from relics with little back-story until you start to unfold some of the mysteries.

It is very enjoyable and the monochrome coloring was an interesting choice along with the ambient sounds. The overall gameplay was interesting, though it can be dull when you are trying to find a speck in the middle of nowhere and the addition of more puzzles would make this adventure more enjoyable.

All in all this was a wonderful and intriguing game to play and I enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work.


"You are a tiny bandit who likes to sniff scarves."

I have to admit that some of the simplest things can be the most entertaining. It's almost like a flash version of mad-libs except the nouns and verbs being randomly chosen. I love the scope of the words and they are pretty variable and I find the music very fitting for the upbeat manner of this game. All in all, pretty good and very creative.

Pretty Good

A very interesting take on the traditional pong type game. This game is pretty interesting, but does get a little boring after awhile. I would consider adding more power-ups or even introduce a second ball after reaching a certain amount of time or score. The medal are nice, but were a little too easy to achieve.

Overall a pretty fun game that needs a little more to make it into a great game. Keep up the good work!


Nothing says hours of fun than total seaside destruction. This is a fitting squeal to Miami Shark with new targets and the same easy gameplay. While this game is enjoyable to play but it's almost too similar to Miami Shark.

Despite that, the game is great time wasters with the medals and the high score system to keep a player coming back. In addition, the music was a nice choice and very fitting for massive destruction and the new aircraft and ships were also well thought out and creative.

All in all, it's a pretty entertaining game to play. Keep up the good work!

Pretty entertaining

Heh, I wasn't expecting such a great mix of a video point click adventure but it turns out that you made one that's pretty awesome. I really enjoyed the acting and it was truly random; some joke were pretty blah but most were funny. Not to mention the choice of music was pretty good.

Some qualms were that a player could easily cheat by using the TAB button, I'm sure there is a way to get around that in AS. Also I usually don't read the Author's Comments for instructions, so some in-game instructions before you advance to the next scene would be helpful. Finally in the final game you can just spam the mouse button; some up and down motion could take care of that.

Overall, I really enjoyed this mini adventure and hope to see a squeal in the near future. Keep up the great work!

Fro responds:

Thanks, most of what you have said has been recommended before and all of these faults will be fixed in the sequel!


I really enjoyed playing this game and it's a very fun and entertaining in true form of most of your creations. I really enjoyed the story and it really does pay homage to the early Zelda series. The graphics were well done and charming and the voice acting was just plain fantastic. The game play was short but overall enjoyable. Once again Brian Holmes provides amazing music that was delightful through out.

I really wish there was more story to this game so I can continue playing, but overall it's another well created game added to a long list of great works.

Fairly good

Overall a pretty good game, but there is some points where it could be better. The artwork and design was wonderfully done. The music was also well conceived and designed. There is no doubt that they are really what makes this game great.

I think the biggest sticking point for me was the controls. Normally for puzzle type games they wouldn't matter too much, however on some levels your game require perfect timing in order to reach the exit and that is where it really is just torturous. I don't remember what specific level it was but there was a point where I just almost quit because it was so frustrating control the main character without him dying over and over. I don't have to say how much it's a big point to have perfect control of a character when perfect timing is required.

All in all, the puzzles were fairly challenging and were enjoyable to figure out and solve. I found it very interesting that you decided to make the final boss more of a response type game, rather than one final puzzle; nothing wrong with that but an very interesting choice you'd made. Despite some of it's shortcomings, it's still a pretty fun game to play with an entertaining story. Keep up the good work!

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