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Definitely tasteless and pretty insulting. Prefect for Newgrounds! :)

But honestly, this flash might be a little too soon especially for those involved but credit for being able to produce a game in less than six hours or so to capture real time news events. The gameplay is too simple and unchallenging; unlike the Balloon Boy game that was submitted months ago. The graphics were pretty good and simplistic and the music was pretty catchy. All in all, this game is more about shock value more than anything entertaining.


Pretty intriguing movie you put together. It was very interesting to see in scale of how big and small our universe truly is. The music is pretty relaxing and works well. The graphics were simple, could us a little more detail, but it's fine. I really like how you put the information together. It was a fascinating way to line up the smallest bit of matter to the largest thing fathomable; pretty eye-opening. Overall pretty good flash you made. Good work!

Pretty good!

A very interesting game. In general, it's pretty fun and entertaining. The animation and backgrounds were impressive. The controls were simple and easily to handle and the music for each phase was very well done. The gameplay overall was interesting, but a little dull at time. Very rarely I actually felt a level was too difficult to solve, which really takes away from it a little. A great puzzle game should have some mild difficulty and should be frustrating at times. The overall plot was lacking depth, but for this game it works okay.

Overall, this game needed a little to more to make it great, but as it is, it's still a good game to play and enjoy. Keep up the good work.


A very interesting take on pop culture, economics, and religion thought I might not agree with some aspects of it, it was pretty humorous and entertaining. I personally really enjoyed the Epicroll it really sums up memes in one fell swoop and it was all tied up in song form too. Not to mention, the Hamlet level was just plain awesome and clever. Although, I really didn't care for your economic babbling, though I'll give you props for knowing what 'helicopter economics' is and putting it in game form. Not to mention I really felt it was a little cheap to tie a medal to help promote your game. I really don't think that was the whole purpose of the NG medal system.

Other than that, it was a very nice take of today's society and I really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!

Fairly Good

A pretty nice take on an old classic. I found this game to be fairly interesting and challenging. The graphics were pretty good and the controls were great. The music is fine but it would be better if there were more tracks. In addition, during game play if you weren't fully on a square you can still be crushed which I found a little annoying and after awhile it does get a little mundane. I think I might be more interesting if it was a little more forgiving if you fall off the sides by being able to grab+roll a few times to try and save yourself from doom but overall this is a pretty good game to kill some time.

Pretty good

A very interesting concept of a game. I really enjoyed playing this game and it was very enjoying to play. I love the simple graphics and the straightforward concept of deciding when to keep going or when to call it quits. It's really a nice take on a player's insight of maximizing their goals while weighting the cost stopping; in short their risk aversion. Not to mention, I really enjoyed the medals and the trophies, they really add a nice touch to the game. Overall a pretty fun game.


This is a very unique and interesting game to play. I really enjoyed the whole concept of this game and the artwork that you must maneuver to reach the finish line. I really enjoyed leisurely biking around figure and drawing with soothing music as if I was taking a stroll in the park. It's a very different type of avoidance game to play if I must say.

Some things I didn't really care for is the fact that you had to choose between having to take the save point or give up your combo; of course I understand why you did that. Also in some situations, if I saved in the wrong direction in some areas it would be hard to point around in the correct way with out bumping into the label again. And finally, when playing for the first time it really seem to drag on forever and ever and felt it wouldn't end. Maybe it would have been best if you had put in some prompts letting a player know when he is about to reach the end or how far he must still go.

Overall it's still a pretty fun and interesting game to play. Keep up the good work!

Pretty Good

This is a pretty fun game to play. All in all it is very well done with the 8-bit graphics and the synchronized background. There are some areas where it tends to lag on my slow computer, but overall it isn't a problem. The musical choice for this game was outstanding and very extraordinary. The controls were okay though I could swear times where it didn't seem as responsive as I would have liked, especially in tight areas. And as for as the overall gameplay, it was okay. It seemed fairly short to be honest and maybe it could be better if there were a few more levels added.

Despite that, I really enjoyed playing this game and I hope to see more creations from you in the future.


I really love it. It's really like some demented 'Simon Says' game of yesteryear. The graphics are simple as with all of your elephant games but effective. The music was a great pick to help keep the energy up when making those split second decisions. It's a pretty fun game, but I can see as the levels increases it will sequentially become impossible for a human to even react quickly enough which is kindof a let down.

Despite that it's still a great game to play and it a nice way for a person to boast about their reaction time. Keep up the good work.


A very enjoyable and fun game to play. The graphics were great though it really took a toll on my computer even with the quality at the lowest setting. Aside from that they were great. The music was outstanding and I must say you really out did yourselves; I really loved the main theme music. The overall, gameplay was okay; the levels were pretty straightforward with the enemies being essentially the only difference in each of them. Overall, it's a pretty fun game to play and I really enjoyed it very much.

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