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Ah yes Nietzsche, "Without music, life would be a mistake." :) Speaking of, I really liked this piece. I really enjoyed how you worked his famous parable into the music. If that's your oration then you did a great job or if its someone else, good job finding this sample. For the song itself, its pretty good. Starting off relaxing and then becoming impassioned just enough. I think it gets a little noisy in a few parts of the second half of the song, but it's alright. Overall, I really enjoy this song. Keep up the good work!

KillTheTrucker responds:

Thanks, I must say this is not me speaking. I was planning to do so, but figured there could be something better, with more power and better 'foreign English', because I'm not the best voice actor or reader. I'm glad you enjoyed it, I enjoyed composing it too.

Thank you very much for your review :)


I really love this song and it is amazingly done. The rhymes were very imaginative, creative and crude; everything I expect from Sick Animations. The music itself is very catchy and fits nicely with the song. Overall, it's a great song to listen and I really enjoyed it. Keep up the amazing work!


I really love this piece and it is really amazingly done. It really fits the title in being space like and outer worldly. The intro gives a lonely feel and the haunting beat gives out of this world contact sound. Through out the song the melody is simple, but is very catchy and the underlying piano tones were a great mix. It really gives more of an adventure in space among the stars feel rather than a cold and loneliness ambient feel as the intro might suggest.

Overall a great piece that I have listen to for hours on end and I'm sure that it fits well in FBF III. Great work!

Pretty Good

I really enjoy this piece and find it pretty relaxing. I just love the overall melody, which is very calming along with the supporting background tune. It must be the bass that really keeps me listening to this song; I just liked how it was used in this piece. The song does seem a little repetitive, but it's minor. Overall, another brilliant creation.


I must admit that this is one of my favorite ambient piece here on NG and I have listen to this song on occasion for hours on end. I really enjoy the subtle melody that is played through out the song; it's simple but works. The background is wonderfully done and very fitting for the overall mood this song portrays.

Wonderful piece; keep up the good work!


A very nice take of the SMRPG world overview map song. I would have never thought to hear that song remix in such a way to turn out to be this unique and enjoyable. I can sort of hear the original beat but it really feels like a totally new reinvention of the song. It really has nice feels and flow throughout and really is a nice listen. Keep up the good work!

Soundshifter responds:

thank you very much :)

Love it

I really love this melody. It's really sorrowful and peaceful at the same time. You can really feel the mood behind it and it's just an enjoyment to listen to.

Keep up the good work!


Ah yes the brambles stages; I know that stage so well.

Your song does a good job of representing the original while adding to your own style. I enjoyed your song very much; keep up the good work!

CrimzonWolf777 responds:

thx for the review glad you like it! ^_^v

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