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I love the attention to detail in this piece. The colors of his fur, the curve of his wrinkles, and even the tired look in eyes were spot on. I didn't feel the message on the sign was too humorous, but it was unexpected to see nonetheless. However, I'm sure that Tex Avery would have approved.

It's a really unique and detailed look into an iconic cartoon character and overall it's a pretty good piece. Keep up the good work!


I really love your idea of having a piece that actually has form and function. The turtle is great looking, but doesn't seem all that big. Regardless it's a great idea and with some card stock and a slot on the top of the shell, it'll make a great turtle bank. This was a very original and wonderful idea turtleco! Kudos!

turtleco responds:

well I can't quite think that its original considering renaenae had a cutout contest some time ago, but I'm glad I made this cutout all the same.


I really love this piece and it's a nice take on Vinci's Last Supper. I love the fact that it had most of the Madness characters there without underling the main focus of Jesus. I haven't compared but it seems that you have most of the characters doing the same actions as the real version especially the clown with his pointing, the gestures of the guys on the right, and most importantly of Jesus.

Very clever and overall a great piece. Keep up the good work!

Izzy-A responds:

glad you noticed the details. I tried my best to incorporate similar gestures as the painting, but I didn't want to just copy them directly.

Pretty good!

I'll give you this, this piece is very creative and imaginative. I would have never thought of replacing everyone with Darth Vader.

Regardless, it is pretty funny especially Leiavader, who still looks pretty good in the slave costume. I think something more could have been done with Jabba's pet. Maybe make the mouth into more of a beak shape. I love the golden vader (C3POvader) though it needs a little more detail in his arms and mid-regions. As for jabbavader, it's perfect the way it is.

Overall it's pretty original and amusing piece you have created. Nice work!

doctormario responds:

Cool man. thanks for looking.


This is an amazing piece you have created. It is very realistic and well done in detail and in style. The shading and the shadows were all well placed especially in the neck and around the shoulder regions. I love the look on her face and it is very true to form. I'm not so sure about the right eye were her eyeshadow is; it seems to be going down too far along her nose, but it's very minor. I think the best part is the way you made the hair, which isn't the easiest thing to create and yet it is fanatically done with attention detail in the part and at the ends.

All in all, a wonderful art piece. Keep up the good work!


While it is a nice picture of the sun it really is kind of bland. When I imagine the sun, I imagine a hellish fireball burning in the emptiness of space. I think this picture needs to invoke some more of that imaginary. Perhaps some more solar flares shooting off and make the sunspots more contrasting and reduce the thickness of the glow just a bit and make it more asymmetrical.

gr33bl3r responds:

thanks for the review! and yes i totally understand what you mean! i tried for like hours in blender to get good looking solar flares but in the end the only thing i achieved was a weird looking loop thing coming off of one side of the sun. thanks for the review!


I really love this piece. It is really a wonderful realistic piece and it is almost lifelike in its style. The varied direction of the keys and the crumpled Kleenex really adds to the complexity of this piece and the 1-up mushroom is a really nice addition. There really isn't anything wrong with this piece and is a wonderful how such mundane objects can be really turned into a wonder art piece. Excellent work!

Good work!

I really like this piece. It really is pretty good driving the whole mood of being a little fearful and as the title says self conscious. I enjoyed the background to where it seems everything seems to be coming in one the main character as if the whole world is judging her. I really love the blues and purples and they really mesh great together.

As for the main character, she is well drawn and does show some sort of apprehension, though it might have been better to have her in some other more prone position to make it seem she is more vulnerable. But all in all, this is a well done piece. Good work!


I really love the humor behind this piece. The robot is simple in design and him doing his business with one and zeros is pretty clever. Heh, God forbid he would have to take a memory dump in public. Anyways, I love the overall simplicity of this piece and it really delivers on the humor. Good work!

Mufanza responds:

Thanks a lot man!


This is really a nice little sketch. The main character is well drawn and cute to say the least. I really like how you made him/her really enjoying that apple and it's just that simplicity along with the shading that makes this piece enjoyable and lovely. Nice work!

I watch the sun leaving me...and the shadow of this warrior falls back into the mountains. I touch the ground which caresses him...and weep for a man who believed in the goodness of others...who wanted nothing more than freedom...

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