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RIP Big 12

Posted by reverend - June 11th, 2010

So I guess the writing is on the wall with Nebraska and Colorado jetting to the Big 10 and Pac-10 in 2012. It's really just disappointing to have your conference implode like that though I know it's only been around for 12 years or so, it's still tradition; pity the Huskers wouldn't know about that.

So I guess their won't be anymore OU-Nebraska games for a long, long time, which is disappointing since these two teams have long and historic rivalry (though it hasn't been much in recent years). I guess when you are in the middle of nowhere Nebraska it's best to chase that big fat dollar and just shaft the other conference members.

What I hope will happen is that what's left of the Big 12 (mainly the South Division will stay intact and add two members like TCU, Houston, or even SMU; almost like the old Southwestern Conference that the Big 8 merged with. In that way, the Big 12 will stay as a separate entity. There is nothing good to come from having two dominating conferences one on the West Coast and one in the Southeast to crush all the smaller mid-majors and push them even further back.

I really truly believe that the whole point of athletics in college has been lost due to greed and lack of tradition by the NCAA and the big athletic departments including my alma mater, which is whole heartily saddening.

RIP Big 12

Comments (2)

pitty nebraska in the 90's, stealing titles that they didnt deserve.

Really im a big college footbal fan and love my USC trojans in the pac ten, so this will be interesting though

cool someone else who likes college football woot

hit me up if you ever wanna chat football, X loves football,

I hate tim tebow or however his name is spelt, i lived in tenn for awhile so i hated having to hear about sec for that time, im west coast all the way, but i hate ucla lol, im usc all the way, and i will be a seatle seahawks fan for the nfl this year pete carol was one of the best college coaches if you ask me,

oops sorry to have made a novel there hehe


Yeah I'm from Oklahoma and when to OU. So I'm all about Big 12 though mainly the Big 12 South. Good to know there is other college sports fans out there, though I despise USC. Ha!