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I watch the sun leaving me...and the shadow of this warrior falls back into the mountains. I touch the ground which caresses him...and weep for a man who believed in the goodness of others...who wanted nothing more than freedom...

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I forgive you :3

Help control the Pony population by spay and neutering them. As well as not flooding the forum with them.

How would an abusive review club be received, if it was done properly?
Like, not a club about "FLAG EVERY FUCKING REVIEW", but actually only flagging the abusive ones, and nothing else?

Not going to happen in any form. Getting users to collude in order to earn gimme whistle points is frowned upon. See something, inform a review mod and it'll be dealt with.

Aww, alright :(

Why you gotta hate on our hentai? ;_____;

I'm not a gimmick account.

I was recently banned from writing reviews permanately. I was banned by Canas with for the following reason:"banned for stealing this award you sick son of a bitch we dont let that slide here"

The review was posted in Death of Nyan Cat. I said that it killed a meme with another meme.

If you can give a reason to why I was banned permanately, I will shut up about it. But I wanna look into this to see wtf happened. Plus when I look on Death of Nyan cat again it said there were 0 revirews, for it. But before I was banned there was plenty of reviews for it. So why was everyone elses review deleted as well as mine? Or is it just my account it happens on?

Nevermind. I found out Canas got hacked and I will be unbanned soon.

the second coming of eyelovepoozy fuck you reverened

Hardly. Creating a thread about the date is pointless as well as your account.

You are making the claim that I am a gimmick account, and therefore unable to post on the forums. While I might share the same name of a character from a animated show, and admittedly a fan, I am honestly trying to fit in with the community.

You most likely won't respond back but I want to make it clear that I AM NOT A FUCKING GIMMICK.

Thanks for the advice, I just learned something! By the way, how did you got to Deity? You have to blow the wistle how many times?

I don't recall. It took me quite awhile to achieve it though.

I never spam the BBS. It's just stupid. Trolling and spamming is for gay noobs who have nothing better to do.

How is it that a review that says "I see (title) Why this got turd of the week." isn't deleted?


Can I report a review as abusive for having a spoiler to the game or another game/movie? Shit sucks man


You should bring it up if there are ever any admin/mod discussions or something. I just had a game spoiled for me

We only deal with abusive reviews. It's unfortunate that your game was ruined for you but it's not really deletion worthy for the fact it's on topic and relevant to reviewing. Review mods are in the business of dealing with hateful/spam stuff.

What church do you pastor?

Just a username I'm not religious at all.

Dude, if being a prick was a bannable offense, you'd have a lot more people to ban than just me. Take some mod lessons bro. ;D

lmao, you found all 3, took you some time though, kudos

h8 u

There's too much garbage in reviews.

You're the man, Rev.

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